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Stand: hal 1 - algemene jobmarkt - 54  hal 1 - interuniversitaire Job Market for Young Researchers - 241 


IQVIA is a leading and innovative group providing solutions and services to the healthcare sector in view of improving the life of patients. When working at IQVIA, you will not only grow through the collaboration with smart colleagues who will support you in leveraging your skills combined to our data, technology and expertise, you will also enjoy the fun & wellbeing initiatives proposed the yearlong ! Come and work for IQVIA because IQVIA gives you the opportunity to work within a global organisation yet with a lot of autonomy and trust. Furthermore IQVIA gives you endless possibilities in terms of personal development. As employee at IQVIA you also get a lot of flexibility and benefits which are great advantages.   Let us meet so we can identify with which vacancy your talent best matches !

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